Why People with Pets Are Happier

  • 19 May 2017
  • Pet Wants

Every pet owner knows from personal experience just how much joy pets can provide on a daily basis. While the Pet Wants team is fond of all animals, we know that plenty of individuals have very strong opinions about whether they’re a dog or cat person. So that’s why we thought it would be interesting to go over a study that looked into which type of pet makes people happier.

Why Both Dogs and Cats Make Great Pets

A study published in Anthrozoos looked at whether dog or cat owners are happier. Before we get into what the study found, it’s important to put a few things in perspective. According to recent data, there are 86 million cat owners in the United States and 78 million dog owners. For this study, a total of 263 adults were surveyed. Although that sample size is on the smaller end of the spectrum, the team behind the study was able to collect some very interesting data. They did this by asking every participant to complete an extensive series of online surveys. The purpose of these surveys was to explore the relationship between pet ownership and positive aspects of mental health like happiness.

One of the surveys the researchers conductedwas called the Satisfaction with Life Scale. Conducted on a seven-point scale, this survey asked participants to respond to prompts like “how close is my life to ideal” and “I believe my life conditions are excellent.” Based on this and similar surveys like the Modified Differential Emotional Scale, the researchers found that as a whole, dog owners are slightly happier than cat owners.

That means the big takeaway is pets are very good at making people happy. And this isn’t a conclusion that’s limited to just this study. If you look at others studies of the impact pets have on their households, it’s clear that animals are good for both mental and physical health. Helping to lower blood pressure, developing empathy and lowering cholesterol are just a few examples of benefits that having a pet can provide.

Since dogs and cats have so much to give, being able to do the same for your pet feels great. In addition to spending plenty of quality time with your pet, choosing a pet food that supports a healthy and happy life is a smart choice. Be sure to look at all the quality Pet Wants blends we have for both dogs and cats.

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